Miami Beach


In contrast to the early era of silver screen representations of Miami Beach, with its breezy lifestyle of patrician wealth mixed with haunted memories of honorable buccaneering days and plantation lifestyle, this new era of human vacuous life, stark neighborhood lifestyle, media glamour, criminal racketeering, felonies, smuggling, and vice, became typified in numerous movies and television shows. Starting in the 1930s with the displacement of the Coconut Grove Elite, onto the new suburbs of Miami during the post-war era, and into the 1960s and 1980s of Cuban and Caribbean immigration, Miami Beach had suffered mind-boggling change to become what many call the "Capital of the Americas."


  • Akoya image


    Akoya rises over 48 stories above the sandy white beach of the Atlantic ...

  • Canyon Ranch image

    Canyon Ranch

    Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Miami s the first of its kind. ...

  • Fontainebleau image


    The Fontainbleau Miami invites you to enjoy a world where you are free ...

  • Bath Club image

    Bath Club

    The Residences at The Bath Club are South Florida's most prestigious residential address ...

  • Caribbean image


    Originally built as the Caribbean Hotel in 1941, the Caribbean Condominium retains the ...

  • Blue & Green Diamond image

    Blue & Green Diamond

    The Blue and Green Diamond have a commanding presence, towering 45 stories over ...

  • Mei image


    Mei (Pronounced May-e) which is Mandarin for beauty and femininity,  is a 22 ...

  • Mosaic image


    Mosaic offers views of Miami’s stunning skyline, the Atlantic, and the Intercoastal Waterways. ...

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    Terra Beachside Villas

    Terra Beachside, located on Collins Avenue and 60th Street, is an architecturally sophisticated ...