Miami Downtown


The Central business district, better known by locals as simply just "Downtown", is the historic center of Miami, and what is traditionally called "Downtown". Miami Downtown is bound by NE 6th St to the north, Biscayne Bay to the east, the Miami River to the west and south. Within this area, is where the majority of Miami's historic buildings are, the main shopping street, Flagler Street, museums, libraries, offices, schools and colleges, as well as the vast majority of local, county, state and federal government offices and courthouses.

BUILDINGS IN Miami Downtown

  • Marquis image


    Designed by the internationally acclaimed architecture firm Arquitectonica, Marquis towers 67 stories above ...

  • 50 Biscayne image

    50 Biscayne

    The 50 Biscayne building is a high-rise in downtown Miami, The condo building ...

  • Ten Museum Park image

    Ten Museum Park

    Ten Museum Park is a 50 story crystalline structure of dramatic proportion designed ...

  • Epic image


    EPIC’s distinctive waterfront location at the door to a city on the Bay ...

  • One Miami image

    One Miami

    The One Miami Condo building is a magnificent landmark waterfront location. Creating the ...

  • 900 Biscayne image

    900 Biscayne

    Rising over 60 stories above the Miami Skyline and located directly across from ...

  • Paramount on the Bay image

    Paramount on the Bay

    Designed by Arquitechtonica envisioned by Lenny Kravitz for Kravitz Design Inc, Paramount ...